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Filaco Sponsors CGTrader 3D Printing Competition

2013-05-24 10:53:48 filacoeditor

Is this your moment? Your big opportunity?

Filaco is happy to be sponsoring an exciting competition by CGTrader, a 3D model marketplace for artists and designers. The 3D Printable Model Competition will reward the highest-quality 3D printable models of various designs, uploaded to CGTrader.com.

This competition is designed to find new talent and make opportunities available to artists and designers. This is the moment for artists to step into 3D Printing technology, acquire more modeling skills, and launch their designs into an international marketplace, with the chance to have models showcased in iMakr, the largest 3D printing store in the world.

The contest runs from May 14 until June 30. There are two categories in which a designer can enter:

  1. Best 3D Printable Portfolio, an award based on all 3D printable models uploaded during the competition period.
  2. Best 3D Printable Model, an award for the single best 3D printable model uploaded during the competition period.

In each category there will be one winner and two runners-up. Each winner will receive a suite of prizes that will enable them to print, market and distribute their winning model, including selling their design in the largest physical 3D printing store in London.

Included in the prizes will be gift certificates for high quality filaments from Filaco: each winning designer will receive a US $200 gift certificate for filaments and each runner up a US $100 gift certificate. Other prizes include an Ultimaker 3D Printer kit, publicity, gift cards for printing and more.

Eager to show your designs? The rules are simple. Upload your print-ready 3D models for sale or for download to CGTrader marketplace until the 30th of June in .STL format (make sure they are printable!), mark them as print-ready, and you are in!

We want to see your designs too! Share images on our Facebook page or tag any images with @FilacoInc for a Twitter RT.

Go to CGTrader.com for complete contest information, rules and guidelines.

Filaco, an exclusive distributor of Village Plastics’ filaments, has daily access to production and verification of quality standards on every batch of high-quality filament. We know that having an idea is not enough. You have to be able to deliver on it!

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